Am I a genius?

Well, ARE you a genius?

There are two ways to look at this question of whether you are a real genius.

The first is to say, if you have a healthy human brain, you are a genius. You were born with everything you need to demonstrate genius. And you frequently demonstrate genius (at least, you do in your sleep, when you dream up those amazing inner worlds and storylines!). This speaks more about potential and capability rather than actual present mental skills.

The second way of answering, "Am I a genius?" is to look directly at your IQ score. This is how most people will judge your genius immediately. If you have an IQ score equivalent to genius level then you can say, "Yes, I am a genius!" (See Genius IQ Scores -- is YOUR genius reflected in your IQ scores? )

How else is genius judged? The other way people decide whether you are a genius is if you have a particularly brilliant talent, skill or ability. This can be anything from playing the violin, to soccer ball skills, to knowing which way the stock markets are going to go. Another thing is if you have an amazing body of work that really impresses people. It gives people a chance to see that you are different, unique or special. If it is very different or demonstrates powerful thinking on your part you will get called genius by some of those people.

I don't know if you are a genius or not. I don't know what you do, what you've done or whether you have a super high IQ.

I do know this... you have the potential to be brilliant. You can use your brain in extraordinary ways. You can use superlearning techniques to rapidly absorb new subjects and information. You can use brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques to access your creative thinking. You can meditate and become more self-aware and develop your concentration powers. You can increase your imagination quotient through visualization, design, and image streaming. There are all kinds of secrets to thinking like a genius even if you aren't one.

I would say that people who are naturally geniuses are often disadvantaged over those who build their genius through brain training. Think of all those savants who can do incredible maths calculations, think about incredibly intellectual things, but are social outcasts who can barely keep their heads above water. That's not genius to me. The genius is someone who uses his brain potential to the full to create a fantastic life for himself, his family and loved ones, and who contributes products, ideas and services that are of value and use to mankind.

If you are interested in being that kind of genius, I recommend that you explore the resources on the genius training pages. Thank you.