Are you born a genius?

Find out whether genius is natural to YOU!

Is genius something you are born as or do you have to cultivate genius through environment and training? Were YOU born a genius? Are geniuses made that way by birth and genetics? It's interesting to consider whether or not geniuses are just 'made that way'.

Whenever someone asks me, "Are you born a genius?" I look them in the eye, smile, and say: "Yes...and No!"

Yes, you are born a genius. If you have a healthy human brain at birth, then you have a genius brain. And your genius brain has been growing at phenomenol rates prior to birth generating billions of neural networks. From the moment you are born, you start the greatest course of superlearning in which your brain forges connections and makes incredible leaps of understanding and comprehension.

A baby is a total genius at learning. It's brain is completely focussed on developing new skills like vision, spatial and auditory awareness, interpreting tastes, textures, shapes, facial expressions, and hundreds of other things that we take for granted. The survival instinct drives all of this. The learning that a baby/toddler goes through would be equivalent (let's say) to you taking a thousand higher university degree courses at the same time! So you can see that the baby mind is a genius mind.

So why don't we retain that genius mind as we grow up? Why can someone be measured at a really high IQ as a child but by the time they are adult their IQ is just average? According to Glenn Doman, who teaches parents how to teach young babies to read, do math, play music etc, it's just a question of not getting the right stimulation at the right time. To put that another way, we do not maximise our potential. He says that given a baby's incredible recptivity for learning, you can teach them things at an early age that previously we thought was beyond them. The teaching is fun and the babies seem to enjoy it. Doman says this gives those children a head start over kids who do not receive such early stimulation. Forging denser neural networks at an early age makes these kids more likely to be adult geniuses, he claims.

I believe that you are born a genius. And yes, that genius seems to go into remission with our current standard education system. However I believe that you can and do still access your genius mind, even if only briefly and only occasionally. Usually this occurs when you slip out of the mental straight jackets that you are conditioned to wear as you are growing up. So, when you are asleep and dreaming, you have full access to your genius mind. Also when you are relaxed and day dreaming like in the shower, walking in the woods, or focussed on a relaxing hobby like painting or fishing. Higher thoughts and insights seem to come to you at these times.

The reason that I answer YES AND NO when asked, "are you born a genius?" should be becoming clearer. The NO is because the opportunity for genius is generally lost. Unlike Mozart most of us aren't born into incredibly musical families, so we don't get exposed to a genetic heritage of musicians, or to hearing wonderful music played to us while in the womb, or being encouraged to be musical from the get go by eager parents. So the oportunity to flower as a musical genius is not there.

The good news is that the potential for genius doesn't go away, whatever your age. The brain is responsive to stimulation. The plasticity of the brain means that it can adapt and grow given the right conditions. You may have gone a lifetime and your genius might be like an engine that has been left to rust and get covered over with the jungle of everyday living. But you can change that. There are ways to train your brain to be a genius.

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