What is Genius IQ and do YOU have the IQ of a genius?

GENIUS IQ: Do you have a genius I.Q.?

What is a genius IQ? You may have taken an I.Q. test and be curious how your IQ score compares to genius IQ scores. Fair enough. It's a good question. We all want to know how we measure up to the best, and in this case, the brightest.

In The Complete Guide To Genius, a new system for training ordinary people to attain genius IQ-levels of intelligence (see genius training), this is how IQ scores are broken down:

IQ score  | Type of person with that score

70-            | Mentally handicapped individual

80-            | High school pupil/Minimum wage worker

90-110       | Degree student/Decorator/High street worker/Joiner

120+         | Masters student/Manager/Journalist/Accountant/Professional

130+         | PhD student/Ivy league or Russel group student/Chief Executive

140+         | University professor/Top government official/Gifted individual

160+         | Rhodes Scholar/Army General

170+         | Genius

So we can see from this that genius IQ is considered to be 170 and over. (Click link for another genius IQ scale?)

Mega-Genius has the highest genius IQ!The Greatest Genius IQ?
Contender Number 1: Mega-Genius! 

The greatest genius I.Q. score is alleged to have been achieved by Jim Diamond, aka "Mega-Genius". His score of 200+ was achieved under the strictest conditions and using the best IQ testing system in the world. Comparisons with other great geniuses of history are supposed to reveal that his genius IQ surpasses that of such greats as Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Bach, Sir Isaac Newton and a host of others. To be honest, when I first heard about 'the man with the perfect IQ', I thought he was probably a charlatan. However, I recently ordered his Genius Formula CDs and having listened to disk 1 just yesterday, I'm convinced this man has genius I.Q. and knows more about what having a genius I.Q. really entails than anyone else I've read about or heard of.

Genius IQ? Marilyn vos SavantThe Biggest Genius IQ?
Contender Number 2: Marilyn vos Savant

Hmm, seems we have another claimant to the highest-genius-IQ-ever throne. According to the biography blurb on her website, Parade columnist Marilyn vos Savant was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for five years under "Highest IQ" for both childhood and adult scores. Her book, Brain Power: The 12-Week Mental Training Program, claims that Marilyn 'has an IQ of 230, the highest ever measured.'  That sounds like quite a genius IQ to me!

Here is another Genius-IQ breakdown according to the WECHSLER ADULT INTELLIGENCE SCALE (which Mega-Genius refers to as the best -- remember he was off the charts at over 200 Genius IQ), with IQ range of 20-to-130+:



Genius IQ

Intelligence testing is a form of psychological testing of an individual's capacity to learn and deal effectively with his/her environment. IQ (intelligence quotient) is the score of an intelligence test. Genius IQ is revealed in the highest scores.

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale is the most widely used individually administered intelligence test (IQ test) for adults. It comprises of 11 subtests made up of six verbal subtests and five performance subtests. It yields three IQ (intelligence quotient) scores: Verbal Scale IQ, Performance Scale IQ, and Full Scale IQ.

   Classification of Intelligence according to IQ scores    
Classification IQ Range
Profound mental retardation (MR)    below 20 or 25    
Severe MR 20-25 to 35-40
Moderate MR 35-40 to 50-55
Mild MR 50-55 to about 70   
Borderline 70-79
Dull normal 80 to 90
Normal 90 to 110
Bright normal 110 to 120
Superior 120 to 130
Very superior (aka GENIUS IQ!) 130 and above

Source: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)

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Here are some additional sources for information regarding Genius IQ that may be of service to you. Remember if you want to become a genius yourself there are genius training programs available to help you achieve a genius IQ (please refer to genius IQ training).

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