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  • How to have a flash of genius
    Get a flash of genius and you could be on your way to a fortune. Here's how to cultivate your mind and harvest that rare flash of genius for fame and profit.
  • Get Smart -- How to get smart
    Wise up and get smart with this guide to sharpening your wits, thinking on your feet, and upgrading to a genius brain instead of the dumb-ass one you've been thinking with all this time!
  • How to appear intelligent
    How to appear intelligent and fool your friends, family and colleagues into thinking you are a brilliant thinker. When you want to impress someone and appear more intelligent, these tips show you how.
  • How to become a girl genius
    This article shows you how to become a girl genius, unleash your mind power and achieve great things. There aren't enough girl geniuses in the public eye, so make sure YOU become a genius today.
  • How to con clever people
    Discover how you can con clever people, regardless of your current intelligence.
  • Clever Gifts: Is this the most 'clever' of gifts?
    Looking for clever gifts? Want something unique and possibly even life-changing for that special someone who is difficult to buy for. This could be the ultimate clever gift.

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