Discover how you can learn from and join the ranks of life's true geniuses by becoming a genius yourself!

Geniuses: Vyasa, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Homer

Geniuses are people who think differently than the common man. Geniuses have thoughts and ideas on a daily basis that are so far beyond the average person's petty concerns. What can we learn from geniuses by studying them? And is there any chance that we can emulate them and become geniuses ourselves? These are questions this article asks and answers.

Geniuses have brilliant mercurial minds. They think the thoughts that change the world. Who are they? And how are they different from you and I?

There have been countless geniuses throughout history. Some geniuses remain famous hundreds or thousands of years later, like Vyasa, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Homer, Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, or Alexander the Great. The work of many geniuses from ancient history still affects us today like Archimedes, Euclid, or Pythagoras. The biographies and work of geniuses like Sappho, Julius Caesar, and Sun Tzu still move us. That shows the power of these geniuses. Whether they were philosophers like Socrates, warlords like Genghis Khan, religious revolutionaries like Akhenaten, or renaissance men like Leonardo da Vinci, these geniuses were so brilliant that they left their mark on the world forever.

GENIUSES: Confucius, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great

Would you like to do that? Would you like to achieve greatness and leave your mark on the world? How would you like to die knowing that the world is a better place because you have lived? Yes? Then you need to join the ranks of the geniuses.

That's easy enough to say. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. But we can learn from geniuses. From studying geniuses we can discover how they used their time and thought differently. Mostly it's a matter of changing habits and using some new skills. But you CAN learn how to become a genius and join the ranks of geniuses -- quite fast too.

To join the geniuses, you should probably start by looking at the characteristics of a genius. Once you know what defines a genius' character, well, you can start to build those characteristics into your own personality -- just like Benjamin Franlin did.

Geniuses : Sappho, Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, and Genghis Khan

You should know that most geniuses had role models that they emulated, so the advice to copy them is good. They did the very same thing themselves. They copied the thinking styles and habits of the geniuses they knew or read about.

One fundamental set of rules applies to would-be geniuses. And they are based on the Ancient Greek concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body. The 6 main rules to ensure good physical health are:

Geniuses: Leonardo da Vinci1. Physical fitness -- involving aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility and poise. An exercise program involving running, weight lifting and yoga would accomplish this. Geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci were famous for their physical prowess and vigor (Leonardo da Vinci could bend iron bars and once stopped a runaway train of horses with his bare hands).

2. Diet -- they keys here are to eat fresh food as much as possible, and include a rich variety of foods in the diet. Assess your body regularly in the mirror and listen to your body's natural intelligence as to what it needs. It will self balance. A brain food diet book like 'Your Miracle Brain' by Jean Carper is a good investment to show you what foods to eat for maximum brain fitness.

3. Avoid drugs -- Aside from illegal addictive drugs like heroin, cocaine, crack, ecstacy and marijuana, which are well-documented to cause untold damage to your brain and mental functioning, nicotine and alcohol also retard brain functioning. Geniuses stay away from things that limit or impede their ability to think brilliantly. You should too.

4. Sleep and rest -- a healthy well-fed and well-exercised body needs quality rest and sleep time. You know yourself that you function better when you are well-rested than when you are tired, irritable and exhausted. Many geniuses throughout history have had active dream lives, recording their dreams in great details. Studies have shown that a focusing attention on dreaming enhances well-being and increases creative output. Do like the geniuses do and write down your dreams and think and talk about them and what they mean to you.

5.Sex -- geniuses frequently have very active sex lives and sexual imaginations. Sex is a driving force in human behavior. Learn to enjoy and use sex and sex energy to boost your intelligence and become a genius through sexual transmutation.

6. Positive mental attitude -- turns out that the old-time motivational speakers had it right. A positive mental attitude is good for you. Studies suggest that an open-minded, courageous, flexible, curious, optimistic attitude (demonstrated by most geniuses) may actually encourage the development of more sophisticated and complex neural networks between brain cells.

Geniuses: As-Suli, inventor of ChessGeniuses have a GQ (genius quotient) not just an (IQ) intelligence quotient

IQ is undoubtedly the easiest way to measure genius and all real geniuses have had high IQ. However modern research by people like Dr Howard Gardener has revealed the existence of multiple intelligences. There are sports 'geniuses' for example who have high physical or kinaesthetic intelligence. Their minds are most perfectly adapted to doing physical activities with great skill and precision, like David Beckham lofting a soccer ball from a freekick into the top corner of a goal, or Tiger Wood's genius on the golf course.

Many of those who are labelled geniuses are simply extremely strong in one or more of the 8 identified multiple intelligences listed below:

1. logical/mathematical
2. linguistic
3. musical
4. visual-spatial
5. bodily-kinesthetic
6. intrapersonal
7. interpersonal
8. naturalist

Mega-Genius Jim Diamond points out that real genius involves being rounded and developed in all of the intelligences. A woman who is a genius mathematician but is clumsy and can't string two words together in a social setting is limited in her development. Geniuses become polymathic over time as they allow their genius to spread into and overlap other areas or intelligences. Renaissance geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci were so strong in multiple intelligences that they can truly and honestly be described as pure geniuses. Jim Diamond emphasizes the importance of would-be geniuses having strong EQ or emotional quotient. Without an ability to relate warmly with others, geniuses could get isolated -- and that wouldn't be intelligent!


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