How to get smart

Even if you are a total moron!

So, you want to get smart? You're tired of being the dufus. You've had enough of being called stupid. You're fed up of playing the dummy. Fair enough. That role sucks and you know it. You can only go so long getting beaten with the short straw in life before you say, "...enough's enough! I want to be smarter about my life! I want a better life for me!"

If you've reached that point... congratulations. You've made your first smart move. You've decided it's time for an upgrade.

Being smart is not about the way you dress. We're not talking blazers and shiney shoes here. What we are talking about is street smarts, quick wits, the ability to think fast and outwit those around you. We're talking about accessing that hidden genius inside you.

Genius? What freakin' genius?!

Hey, unless you are a total mutt, you have 1.5 lbs of brain cells crammed into your cranium. It may have been on sabbatical for a while, but that baby is just raring to go if you give it half a chance! You are hardwired to be a genius. You may not have all the decals on the outside, but your brain is like a formula one motor engine. It just needs a bit of a tune up and it'll be firing on all cylinders again and driving round the track of life like a speed demon.

So, you've got this potential genius mind that's bit gathering dust in that brain bucket of a head of yours. It's rusty and you need to get it oiled and cleaned up, and working at optimum. So what do you do to get smart?

Here's a brief guide to kick-start the GET SMART process:

1. Start thinking of yourself as a genius
If you want to be a winner, you've got to start thinking like a winner. That starts with your identity. So, immediately and forever STOP thinking of yourself as dumb, 'stoopid', or ignorant. That ends now. Change your thinking. Change your self-belief. Start saying to yourself, 'I am a genius!". Chant it inside your head. It's like your old wrestling coach telling you to say to yourself, 'I'm a winner! I'm a winner!". Just like Muhammad Ali, you've got to tell yourself you're the greatest! And then start living up to it. Demand better of yourself. Be like Yogi and say, I'm smarter than the average bear, Boo-Boo!

2. Organize your thinking
To get smart, you need to create order in your mind. If you have a pig sty of a mess in your garage, you can't work in there. You can't find your tools. There are boxes, toys, and all kinds of crap on your workbench. That's no good. You need to tidy up and get rid of the crap. Create some order. It's the same with your mind. To be smarter, quicker-witted, and outwit the numbskulls around you, you need to organize your thinking space. First off, start thinking more clearly and precisely. Don't be lazy. Express yourself well. Force yourself to think with clarity and precision.

3. Use smart tools
Certain jobs require specific tools. You can't play a decent game of basketball without a ball or a net. It's the same with getting smart, using your mind better. You need to use the tools. But don't go getting every tool out there. Start with the absolute basics. And what's that? A notebook and a pen. Now, don't glaze over! I know you prefer crayon! All smart people write their ideas and thoughts down. It's just a given. This tells the brain that you respect it's ideas. It encourages the brain to think better thoughts. And it gets your thinking out of your head and onto the page. That way you can see it better and think about it easier. We want that. So start jotting down your notes. Start with even stupid stuff like noticing that drip of oil beneath your car and the rainbow shine on it. Whatever you want. Lines of a song you started singing in the shower. Something your old man said that stuck in your mind. Just do it and see what happens. Carry that notebook everywhere.

I want to keep this tip sheet to getting smart simple and easy to follow. Just get started for 48 hours and see how you go. I recommend that you get yourself a comprehensive guide to thinking smarter. The best one I have found is called The Complete Guide To Genius. It shows you exactly how to go from a dumbass to a genius (yes, a real-live, freakin' genius! YOU!) in a few weeks of training. I don't know how you will feel when you have transformed your life and become a proper genius with a genius IQ, but I'm willing to guess "totally f**king amazing!" And I expect to hear from you then! C'mon -- get smart!