How do you become a genius?

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Everyone wants to know, "how do you become a genius?" It's a great question, one that people have struggled with over the centuries. But in the last 5-to-10 years particularly, we've started to get some consistent answers.

Obviously, if you want to become a genius, you have to train. It's just like if you want to become a football player, a pilot, a fashion designer or a high school teacher, you have to train. Training is the basis for all advancement. Evolving your brain to genius levels is no different. You need to start learning new skills and practicing them over and over.

If you learn to play golf, you start out learning how to stand, how to hold the club, the correct way to swing... all the fundamentals of golf. Then you get out there and practice, always trying to improve on your previous performance. With genius brain training, you learn new ways to think, how to access your best thoughts, and how to increase and maintain your awareness, perception and observation skills. Once you have learned those new skills you need to put them to the test daily. Every day you seek to be more creative, more insightful, more innovative and productive in your thinking.

How do you become a genius? Here's how:

1. Find a genius trainer, teacher or coach
Whenever you want to learn something, like a sport, you first of all seek out someone who can show you what to do and correct your mistakes. Genius training is no different. People involved in the fields of genius training, include Tony Buzan, Edward de Bono, Win Wenger, Wily Walnut, Michael Gelb and others. Allign yourself with a good coaching program or someone who can train you in using your brain.

2. Learn better thinking skills and tools
Geniuses tend to use specific processes to help them generate their extraordinary ideas. For example, geniuses keep notebooks with them at all times so they can captures their thoughts, ideas and inspirations when they come to them. Start doing that and you will soon start to feel cleverer when you see all your ideas stacking up.

3. Use shortcuts
Time is limited so it makes sense to use shortcuts to get great results. Geniuses figure out the most effective ways to do things in the shortest time. Are you making the most of your time? If not, start becoming time aware. Get organized in your life and mentally. Set up systems that allow you to do your best work.

4. Focus on important things
Seriously evaluate your life. Decide what your most important values are. Then organize your life around those values. Eliminate activities that don't support your most important values. Steven Covey came up with a really good system for being effective. He says you have to learn the difference between important things and urgent things. Important things will benefit you long term. Urgent things only seem important in the moment -- but frequently won't add any benefits to your life long term. Read 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People for greater clarity.

5. Stimulate your brain
There are two types of brain stimulation. One type is passive. The other is active. Passive brain stimulation could include such things as listening to lectures, reading books, or even using a light and sound brain machine. These things affect your brain but cause limited and slow brain growth. For real brain growth and genius development to occur, you need to be more actively involved. There needs to be a feedback loop so that data comes in, is thought about, and then expressed. This loop can repeat any number of times and take the form of a spiral of progress, learning and growth.

6. Persistence triumphs over brilliance
Remember Edison's quote that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? There are lots of clever people in the world. But real genius is sometimes found in the most dogged and determined of individuals who take simple ideas and run and run with them. Sticking at something long enough to reap the harvests of it is a greater genius than someone with a superfast mind who generates lots of ideas but actually achieves very little.

7. Love more important than logic
Real genius is demonstrated in compassion and humanist values. To know oneself requires that you expand your awareness. Becoming more perceptive enables you to see the commonality and universality of human experience. What does that mean? It means don't become a cold egghead! Learn to meditate and expand your consciousness. All thought comes from the unconscious mind. To receive this unconscious data stream at genius levels, you need to expand your consciousness. It's like going from dial-up to broadband. When you widen the pipe a lot more data, knowledge and wisdom can flow through.

This short article has attempted to answer your question, how do you become a genius?

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