How do you become a super genius?

The Super Genius System

How do you become a super genius?

It's what every kid dreams of. Having super hero powers! We all want to be able to fly, be incredibly strong, be able to turn invisible or have X-ray vision! I'm not sure that we can ever levitate, fly, or turn invisible but I do know there are certain super powers you can develop. Those are your mental abilities, your mind power, your hidden brain potentials. This article then, answer the question: "How do you become a super genius?"

What is a super genius? Well, it's obviously someone who can do things that most other people can't. The super genius might be able to memorize huge chunks of information, such as reciting the entire St James Bible by heart. The super genius might be a mathematics whizz and be able to work out sums faster than you can type them into a calculator. The super genius could also be someone who has brilliant ideas and invents or designs new things that change the world. I don't know about you, but if I was a super genius, I'd want to make bundles of cash so I could travel, experience lots of things, and help people. That seems like a smart use of my brain to me!

Do you have any other ideas about what a super genius is? Does it mean having laser concentration? Or do you need to be wise, knowledgeable about lots of things, or a good story teller? What about psychic powers like telepathy, intuition, telekinesis, channelling, clairvoyance, seeing auras, lucid dreaming or having out of body travels... are they part of your idea of being a super genius?

How Do You Become A Super Genius? Some tips...

1. Use your multiple intelligences:
A man named Dr Howard Gardener has discovered that human intelligence is made of at least 8 different styles of intelligence. You will be stronger in some than in others. If you focus on your strengths, you will develop great ability within that particular style of intelligence. For instance, someone like soccer player, David Beckham, or golfer, Tiger Woods, is strong in kinesthetic intelligence. This means they are adept at using their bodies. They are super geniuses at their particular sport. Research multiple intelligence online and take a test to find out what you are strongest at. By focusing on your strengths and building your intelligence in those areas you will excel and be more likely to succeed. There is also a spillover effect whereby your other intelligences are 'dragged' up as you evolve in your dominant intelligence.

2. Learn about your brain and mind:
Get a good anatomy book and study the parts of the brain and learn what they do. Dig into your local library and scour the psychology books so that you start to understand the way the mind works. Most of all, start to observe your own mind. How do you do that? It's easy. Just notice how you interact with people and things, watch your thoughts come and go, learn all about your motivations and secret thoughts. Hey, you do know that you are the most fascinating person on the planet, right? Thought so!

3. Two-fold training system:
There are two recommended systems of training your brain to become a super genius. At first they might appear very different with very different aims. As you practice them however you will notice how they start to converge. Combined they will help you become a super genius.

The first is an ancient system of training your mind. That is Yoga. Specifically something called Raja Yoga or Royal Yoga (that's got a nice ring about it, doesn't it?). Raja Yoga is what the yogis of India practice -- yes, those same yogis who can go into a state of suspended animation and be buried alive, can bi-locate, read your mind, manifest things out of thin air and all kinds of amazing 'miracles'. The mental training practices in Raja Yoga were adapted to the West to form the basis for Accelerated Learning (or Super Learning as it is more commonly known). Super Learning enables you to learn and memorize new subjects in record time -- for instance you could learn a new language in a fraction of the time it would normally take you.

The second system for becoming a super genius has been originated by modern scientists and researchers and involves specific brain training exercises that unleash your genius powers. You can discover all about that at where they have devised a specific training program which can take you from whatever level of intelligence you have now, and turn you into a real genius with a genius IQ of 180 or more. You might want to check that out as it's your best chance to become a super genius.