How Do You Defeat A Genius?

Discover how to outwit a super genius

How do you defeat an evil genius?

How do you defeat a genius? It's a great question, isn't it? There are times in your life when you find yourself in competition with people who are bigger, stronger, better equipped, and better organized than you... and it sucks! So, how do you beat these genius guys and gals who seem to have all the answers? How do you outwit someone who always seems one step ahead of you?

Take a good reality check
The first step in your plan of action is to take a reality check. Be honest (but not just 'negging' on yourself) about your present situation and circumstances. Take a self-appraisal test. Get clear on what your limitations really are. Assess your oppenents strengths and weaknesses as well as your own.

Work on your strengths
There will be some intelligences in which you are stronger than in others. You may have specific skills and abilities that are above average. For the purposes of this exercise it will serve you best to work on building up your strengths even more.

Two minds are better than one
Can you team up with somebody smart to try to defeat the genius? Two brains are like two computers networked together. You double the computing power, and with two brains or more you multiply the thinking power -- sometimes exponentially so.

Try to anticipate the genius' moves
If you are going to defeat him or her you need to start thinking like the genius. Try and get inside their head and anticipate what they will do next. If you can figure that out, then you can plan to defeat them with this knowledge.

An exercise you can try is to go into a meditation (simply close your eyes and count slowly backwards from 100-to-0). Bring the genius you are trying to defeat into your mind's eye. Make them as clear and distinct as possible. Observe them. Demand of your mind that it notice as much as possible about the genius' mannerisms and actions and the way they use their body. Observe the way the genius speaks. Now, imagine you are standing behind the genius. Then imagine a big zip on the back of the genius. Unzip the zip, and step inside the skin of the genius. Now you are inside that genius, looking through their eyes, talking through their mouth, listening with their ears, using their body. Imagine that genius thinking about you and observe everything you can. See what insights you get into the genius' thinking. See what they are planning.

Think like a magician
Really good magicians can fool even geniuses. They know that with the right tricks and strategies, they can misdirect attention and create illusions. What can you do to concentrate a genius' attention on one thing, while you are doing whatever it is you need to do to defeat them? Watch movies like Oceans 11 (plus 12, and 13) to get into the right mindset for defeating your genius.

Devise a cunning plan
Never try to defeat a genius without a well-structured plan. In other words, don't try and do things on the fly. You will probably never defeat a genius by being spontaneous. You need a strategy, you need a plan. Write it down. Work on it. Build in as many contigencies as you can. That way you always know what to do next.

The one sure way to defeat a genius
There is only one true answer to "how do you defeat a genius?" And that is to become an even greater genius than the one you are trying to defeat. History is full of stories of great battles between genius leaders. It's always the greater genius who triumphs. You can become a genius this year by taking the genius training program revealed in The Complete Guide to Genius. Good luck! I hope you whack that genius!