How to appear intelligent

Intelligence tips for stupidos, dumb-dumbs, numbskulls and morons like... YOU!

How to appear intelligent

So, you want to know how to appear intelligent? I'm guessing your self-esteem has taken a battering and you don't think you are all that bright? You think you have to fool people into thinking you are intelligent. Well, okay, here's a newsflash! You already are intelligent!

If you are smart enough to type "how to appear intelligent" into a search engine, and clever enough to click on a link to get to this page, then you are already intelligent.

You may not think so. But I am telling you, you ARE intelligent! The real dumb-asses of the world are too dumb to recognize their own stupidity. They can barely find their way back from the refrigerator, let alone think to seek help online. Search engine? Stupidos think that means looking under the hood of your car!

No, we know YOU are intelligent. You've got a good brain on your shoulders. We just need to let the rest of the world see it. You need to appear intelligent.

So how does that happen?

It's a three step process.

How to appear intelligentNumber 1: You need a confidence boost.
You need to start thinking that you are an intelligent person. Now, you can help change your mind and change your identity by using affirmations. Those are just positive statements that you repeat to yourself through the day. It's like giving yourself a little inner ego boost. You can think things like, I am intelligent! I am super intelligent! I've got a brilliant mind! I think quickly and easily! I have great ideas! My way of thinking works for me!

Another way to prime your natural intelligence is with questions. Get curious about things. Asking questions makes you seem intelligent! Get fascinated by your subjects. Throw yourself into them. Resolve to make the most of what you are learning or doing. You can combine questions with affirmations by asking things like How come I am so brilliantly intelligent? Why am I such a genius? Your mind is an question-answer machine. Ask it a question and it will do it's damndest to answer it. If you ask your mind why you are so intelligent, it will start coming up with reasons why you are so intelligent -- and that will build a stronger self-identity in you of being an intelligent person. You'll start to act more intelligent in accordance with your new self-image.

HOW TO APPEAR INTELLIGENTNumber 2: You need to communicate well.
People are easily fooled. If you are polite, well-spoken and express yourself clearly and directly, they will assume you are intelligent. You don't have to prattle on about nuclear physics or the history of the Mayans. Best bet is to ask people questions about their lives and take a sincere interest in what they tell you. Ask further questions to demonstrate your interest. This is all it takes to get most people to think you are some kind of wunderkind! Good listening demonstrates intelligence.

Another aspect of communication is the written word. For those who want to know how to appear intelligent, here's an easy trick. Carry a notebook and make lots of notes. This serves two purposes. First, all geniuses use notebooks. They jot down and capture all their thoughts, observations and ideas. This creates a feedback loop with their brain, which improves their intelligence and stimulates the mind to create even better thinking. Secondly, if you are seen making studious notes or sketches in your notebooks, you will immediately appear intelligent to whoever is watching. Well, think about it, you never see morons scribbling in their notebooks do you. No, they are too busy mining their noses for a mid-afternoon snack.

Number 3: You need to use your mind. Appearing to be intelligent is all very well, but at some point you need to demonstrate your intelligence. You need to show results. Generally, in the West, we measure intelligence by How to appear intelligent -- think ideas fast!accomplishment. Sometimes you read about gifted savants who have incredible photographic memories or can work out mathematical problems in seconds, but they can't hold down a job or look after themselves. That's not intelligent. That's just freaky. We've already established that in actual fact YOU are quite intelligent. And you've taken on board some tips to maximise that intelligence and appear intelligent. Now I want you to actually get interested in being intelligent. Because these days being intelligent is sexy. It's good for your life. You can create a great lifestyle for yourself if you are intelligent, as lots of rap artists prove. It's not all about education. Being intelligent means being canny, street smart, savvy. It means figuring out the opportunities and taking advantage of them. It means strategizing and taking action with a READY, FIRE, AIM approach to life. You course-correct along the way. You find your feet by running. You find your path by reaching for the next step.

Use your brain. What are you interested in? Really up the ante on your hobbies and passions. Become an expert. Passionate people are exciting to be around. They have lots of energy, excitement and stuff to share. Today, passion is intelligent. So demonstrate yours and you will discover how to appear intelligent.

Resolve to do your best in whatever you are doing, be it cooking your dinner, raising a kid, getting an A grade in French History, playing baseball, or setting up an online business. Always be on the lookout for the upgrade on what you are doing. Keep pushing for better and better. Love youre life enough to give it your all -- that's intelligent.

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