Is Everyone A Potential Genius?

And, more specifically, are YOU a potential genius?

When you ask, "is everyone a potential genius?" you generally want to know, "am I a potential genius?" The great answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Let's look at this. Right now, you regularly access your genius mind. You do so in dreams, or when you are daydreaming, in those moments when an idea suddenly strikes you... you know... 'out of the blue!'

The thing is you are consciusly accessing your genius mind through a tiny thin pipe. So you just get a squirt of your genius coming through. Which you frequently miss because you don't capture it or recognize it for what it is.

It's like those early dial-up connections to the internet. They would take ages to connect first of all. Then each page of a website you looked at would take ages to load -- especially if there were pictures! Why was that? It's because the size of the data that represented the web page could only travel through your dial-up connection in tiny packets -- which took a long time!

Your current connection to your genius mind is like that. You need to widen the pipe! You need to get broadband so that a lot more data can come through.

That is the difference between geniuses and people with average intelligence. Either through genetics, environment or training, they have been blessed with a 'wider pipe'. They receive more data from the genius mind and so appear cleverer, smarter and more creative than those of us still struggling by with a dial-up connection to the genius within!

The good news is that you can take advantage of your potential genius. There are systems now for forcing the 'pipe' to grow wider. Of course, this means you become more receptive to genius level thinking.

Think of it like this if you want another analogy. Your brain is like a TV set. And so far you've been operating with just one channel and didn't know you had any other choice. But your genius mind has been broadcasting on hundreds of channels. Training your brain is like getting cable and a remote control. Suddenly you will have access to a whole lot more channels of information and entertainment!

To learn about these systems for training your brain and widening the 'pipe' to access your genius potential please refer to the notes on this page: Genius Training: Brain training programs to become a genius