What is the meaning of the word genius?

Genius means...

I want to know what the meaning of the word "genius" is, don't you? I can tell you what the dictionary says genius means.

The dictionary says this about the word GENIUS:


gen·ius [jeenyass, jenee ass ] (plural gen·ius·es)



1. somebody with outstanding talent: somebody with exceptional ability, especially somebody whose intellectual or creative achievements gain worldwide recognition

2. outstanding talent: exceptional intellectual or creative ability

3. somebody with specific skill: a person with great specialized skill
a genius with computers

4. (plural ge·ni·i [ jeenee i ]) quality: a special quality that characterizes a place, period, or people

5. (plural ge·ni·i) guardian spirit: in Roman mythology, a guardian spirit of a person, place, or institution

6. (plural ge·ni·i) demon: a supposed demon or supernatural being

7. influence: somebody who or something that exerts a strong influence
eg. an evil genius

[14th century. < Latin, "guardian spirit" < gignere "beget"]


So, what have we learned about what the word "genius" means?

It means someone with exceptional talent and abilities who has accomplished a lot and become famous. Leonardo da Vinci qualifies for that, as does someone like Buckminster Fuller.

It is also used for someone who has a particular talent or skill. So we can say that Roger Federer is a genius with a tennis racquet, or Larry King is a genius interviewer, or Madonna is a genius at re-inventing herself within the pop music market.

It is also used to describe someone's skill. Tiger Woods has golfing genius in him.

And we learn that in ancient times people thought that genius came from your guardian spirit or daemon.

I think that pretty soon the dictionary could do away with all these descriptions and just put a picture of YOU there next to the word GENIUS!

That's right, you are a genius too. Okay, you might not realize it yet. But you were born with a genius mind. Think of all the stuff you had to learn as a baby. It's mind-blowing! Only it DIDN'T blow your mind! You found it easy, effortless to absorb how to walk, talk and get what you wanted. You still have the right equipment (your brain) to be a genuine genius.

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