Who Is The Greatest Genius In History?

No, it isn't me. But thanks for the suggestion ;-) And so far, it isn't you... but you could change all that soon.

The greatest genius in history, according to Tony Buzan's poll in his book, Buzan's Book of Genius (great book, get it!) is Leonardo da Vinci.

Why is Leonardo da Vinci considered the greatest genius in history?

Buzan devised a Genius Quotient ranking system based on the following categories:

  • Dominance in Field
  • Active Longevity
  • Polymathy and Versatility
  • Strength and Energy
  • IQ (Intelligence Quotient)
  • On-going Influence
  • Prolificness
  • Achievement of Main Goal
  • Universality of Vision
  • Outstanding Originality
  • Desire to Create Teaching Avenues or Academies for furthering genius's ideas

He applied this ranking system to the 100 geniuses that he had already identified and written about. Each one was given a specific points score for each category.

When he totaled up the scores, the 100 geniuses were arranged in line with their scores. The top 10 greatest genius in history according to this rating system were:

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. William Shakespeare
  3. Great Pyramid Builders
  4. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  5. Michelangelo
  6. Sir Isaac Newton
  7. Thomas Jefferson
  8. Alexander the Great
  9. Phidias
  10. Albert Einstein

Please refer to the book to see if you agree with this conclusion. Certainly, if you read about Leonardo da Vinci, you will discover that he was truly an extraordinary man with a genius is so many fields of human knowledge.

Lots of people disagree with this conclusion. You can refer to the resources box below to check out some other answers to the question of Who is the greatest genius in history?

Before you do that though, I want you to consider another question. This one will blow your mind, so you might want to allow for that and take a few moments to let it 'perculate'!

That question is, Could YOU be the greatest genius in history?

It may seem like a crazy question. It might seem like it is so far removed from where you are now, that it's not even worth considering. But think of this. The great 'genius' Buckminster Fuller was nothing until the age of 32. At that age he was unemployed, a drunk, and when hs daughter died, he took himself off to a nearby bridge and was going to commit suicide.  At the last moment, he had a moment of revelation, and decided to embark on "an experiment, to find what a single individual can contribute to changing the world and benefiting all humanity."

That single thought was all that he needed to set him on the course to genius.

You too could become a genius, famous throughout the world. Possibly even the greatest genius in history!

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