Clever Gifts: Is this the most 'clever' of gifts?

What to get the person who has everything...or is difficult to buy for!

Clever Gifts - is this the most clever of gifts?

Looking for clever gifts to buy someone special but difficult to buy for? Is there a certain someone who seems to have everything? Or is the recipient a big head who needs something to occupy all that vacant space? ;-) Well, I'm so glad you stopped by because I think this may be the ultimate of clever gifts:

...A genius IQ training program!

Yes, you've got to agree that you don't get cleverer clever gifts than a course of instruction in how to raise your IQ to genius levels!


Here are your 'clever gifts' options:



Clever Gifts 1: Genius IQ Training

Clever Gifts 2: Genius Mindset Mindhacks

The Complete Guide To Genius is the genius IQ training course. It is presented as a downloadable course with multiple bonuses including a brain synchronising Mp3.

The Cheat's Guide To Genius reveals the genius mindset through secret mindhacks that shortcut to genius level thinking. It is delivered by mail as a CD-Rom package so is more suitable for a 'wrapped' gift.