Get A FLASH Of Genius!

How to get genius level ideas

How to have a flash of genius

With Greg Kinnear due to star in Universal's Flash of Genius, playing Robert Kearns, the real life inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper, it is tempting to want to come up with your own million dollar idea. Despite Kearns' challenges, depicted in Flash of Genius, he did eventually profit from his idea to the tune of $30 million dollars.

Plenty of other people have had a flash of genius and managed to profit from their brilliants ideas... without the hassles that Mr Kearn experienced. A really simple one, and one of my favourites, is Cindy Cashman's idea for a book called Everything Men Know About Women. When you open it, the book is completely blank! She published this novelty book under the pseudonym, Dr. Alan Francis, and the book sold in the thousands, and 20 years later it's still selling. She made over a million dollars from that one super-simple but totally genius idea.

I'm sure you've read about lots of inventors and entrepreneurs like that who've come up with simple but brilliant ideas and earned a fortune from them. Like me, you've probably smacked your head and said, "Doh! Why didn't I think of that?"

Well, why didn't you think of that? There are probably hundreds of thousands of deadly simple million-dollar ideas just staring you in the face. You just need that elusive flash of genius to grab them out of the ether!

How To Have Your OWN Flash Of Genius

FLASH OF GENIUS -- Brainstorm1. Ask for a brilliant idea
When Jesus spoke about asking, seeking, and knocking he could have been talking about the process of getting a life-changing flash of genius. Your mind is a stimulus-response mechanism. You need to ask before it will answer. You ask in a number of ways. With direct questions, repeated frequently and with emotional intensity. By focussing on a particular subject matter, researching and delving into it deeper and deeper. And by visualizing the end result you seek from getting the answer. One technique you can use is to ask your question as you go to sleep. By 'sleeping on it' your unconscious mind can find the answer for you. It might reply in dream symbology or with an actual answer in your mind as you wake up. But be ready to catch it quick!

2. Keep a notebook with you
Geniuses write things down. All the time. It seems to tell your mind that ideas are important to you. So it starts generating even more ideas. Out of a quantity of ideas you will find a few quality ideas. Because you get a quick 'flash' of genius, you have to be ready to capture the idea when it flashes in your mind. That's why we say to carry a notebook, and use it all the time. Make a habit of writing your thoughts, observations, insights and ideas down as soon as you get them. If you make this habitual, you won't let that million dollar idea slip through your fingers when it flashes into your mind.

3. Choose wisely
The mind gets occupied with whatever you are focussed on. Make sure you choose wisely. Some fields offer more opportunity than others. A flash of genius that reveals a brilliant new product may be of greater use and value to you than a flash of genius that reveals the psychology of an earth worm or the reason that fluff accumulates at your navel!

4. Widen the pipe
The conscious mind is rather like the computer screen you are staring at now, and the unconscious mind is the hard drive and all the software. Basically the conscious mind just shows the output of the unconscious mind. At the moment, only so much data can pass through from the unconscious mind to your conscious mind. You need to 'widen the pipe' and allow more data to pass through so it can be displayed in your conscious mind. How do you do that? There are all kinds of ways. You can meditate, practice progressive relaxation, use special visualization techniques, breathe in certain ways. It's all revealed in what I might describe as the ultimate flash of genius training program. Only it's more than a flash... it's more about becoming an actual genius (yes, with a genius IQ -- of up to 180+). You can learn more about that here.

Here's the rub.
You want to get a brilliant idea. So, I can guarantee you that you will now start getting ideas coming through. Just by reading this article, your mind has been alerted to the fact that you want a brilliant idea. Show the thumbs up now to confirm it and your mind will immediately go to work, doing it's secret unconscious level thinking. The million-dollar question (quite literally) is will you be ready to receive when it comes? Better be on the lookout, because here comes your flash of genius! Blink and you'll miss it!

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